7 games like Stardew Valley

At the time because Stardew Valley was initially published, I've played it to the floor. I have reached year 10 in my very first rescue, pushed myself to finish the community centre upgrades in one year for my next rescue, and encouraged Jojamart only to give myself a justification to get a save. Like others, I had been obsessed with Stardew Valley for bringing the treasure and lifestyle sim genre into PC where I believed it was destined to not take root. Within a year after, the insanity has settled but I am still craving additional matches in precisely the exact same vein.

Even though the casual farm sim genre is still lean, there are still other games on the market which, while concentrated somewhat less on magic and farming, can nevertheless keep you awake for"just one more day"

World's Dawn


Just a couple of PC games follow the Harvest Moon formulation as tightly as Stardew Valley, and the majority of them are of questionable quality. World's Dawn is the exclusion. It's a little rougher round the edges compared to Stardew, but all the same, allure is not there. You are able to befriend and wed villagers, grow and sell plants, fish, attend festivals, and bring back prosperity into a village that is mythical.

World's Dawn is much more about coloring within the lines compared to forging your own course. Your farming plots are predetermined and you will not be building additional buildings on your house. That having been said, there are loads of clothing choices, house décor, and cooking recipes. Regardless of the obsolete 4:3 aspect ratio and originally confusing menus, the World's Dawn is filled with adorable characters which make setting up with a couple of petty complaints greater than worthwhile. If you would like to play the exact same game in a somewhat different taste, this is the ideal option.

Recettear: A Item Shop's Tale


Recettear isalso, if not a cult classic, certainly a deep cut choice. It premiered in 2010--that the very first Japanese indie game on Steam, actually --and is showing its age but keeps a very favorable player inspection rating on Steam. Recettear is the narrative of Recette and Tear, circumstantial spouses in a brand-new item store for local adventurers. While there is no farming in Recettear, it stocks both the dungeon-diving and profit-mongering which I loved in Stardew.

You divide your time between arranging your store, bartering with clients, and accompanying your own adventurer buddies into dungeons to obtain new loot to your storefront. It strengthens the exact same daily schedule and time management which makes Stardew hard to put down. The split between hack-n-slash gameplay and shop management makes it effortless to pay additional attention into the in-game clock compared to your from game one. Capitalism-ho!

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor


Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is nothing and everything similar to Stardew Valley. It's not a heartwarming tale about the power of friendship and hard work. It is the opaque, gloomy story of a sentient trash incinerator on a spaceport where garbage robots have picked on and can hardly afford to pay their bills. It might not have anything to do with farming, but it's all to do with learning how across a new city, picking out familiar faces, purchasing and selling products to maintain a roof on your mind, and doing the very same action over and over before you fall.

Should you ever got lost searching for an NPC at Pelican Town, the spaceport will push up you the neon-colored walls. Should you insisted on finishing every accomplishment in Stardew Valley, then you are going to continue playing Spaceport Janitor even once you have gotten lost five times in a row and then ripped out your hair. It is bizarre and confusing occasionally, but satisfies exactly the identical compulsion that consistently keeps me enjoying Stardew till the unmentionable hours of this morning.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles


If you believed Stardew Valley was relaxing, then wait till you attempt Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Yonder takes place in a island plagued with something known as murk. It's your task to push the murk by amassing Sprites to start up additional regions of the map and more Sprites etc. Meanwhile, you will have the ability to take quests from the natives, participate in certain mild crafting, and start your very own little farm.

Your major objectives in Yonder are researching the island and collecting materials. There are not any puzzles. There's absolutely no combat. That does not need to be a terrible thing, but it certainly sets the tone for this match. Yonder is a joyful little experience that will not attempt to tax you. Contrary to Stardew Valley as well as other casual sim games, Yonder does not request that you supervise your own time, simply spend it.



Moonlighter is not out yet, but from what we've seen up to now, it is going to extend upon lots of the gameplay so a lot of people loved in Recettear. It is due for launch in 2018, and that means you won't need too long to wait, and there is a beta out there for Kickstarter backers.

Will, Moonlighter's celebrity shopkeeper, and wannabe hero barter with clients daily and struggles with monsters through the night. Much like Recettear, Moonlighter seems to be one component roguelike and yet another part direction sport. You will dip into the dungeons outside city to scavenge merchandise for your store, and upon arriving, try to ascertain through trial, error, and fortune what these things are truly worth. Moonlighter will comprise an overarching narrative to carry you through the game, however we do not know a lot about the story . With just a couple of months left to waitpatiently, Moonlighter ought to be out in time for one to pick up after dropping yourself in various other choices on the listing.

Farming Valley: Minecraft Modpack


Farming Valley is a very thorough modpack which turns Minecraft to a farming simulator. Guided from the Farming Goddess, you're recruit NPCs to construct a city from the bottom up. The same as in Stardew, you're plant unique crops dependent on the time, invest large portions of your day watering them till you get sprinklers, and promote your products through a dispatch box.

The very best aspect of Farming Valley is the fact that it does not feel as a theme thinly veiling the Minecraft mechanisms you know. To advance from the modpack, you are going to spend time farming and trading, not amassing long lists of crafting materials such as you would in different modpacks. It is a true testament to the energy of Minecraft mods to make a totally new adventure when properly exploited. In case you've got a replica of Minecraft previously, Farming Valley is a terrific way to acquire the Stardew Valley vibe straight back without buying into a totally new game.



Ooblets is anticipated sometime in 2018, but what we have seen so far indicates it will be well worth the wait. Ooblets takes nods from Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing and Pokemon: component life sim, part farming sim, with a great deal of goofy dance. This kitchen sink strategy includes growing your plant animals and decorating your home with a disco ball. You will grow your Ooblets and pit them in conflicts against other Ooblet coaches. You will sell all of your plants and other crap on your very own little store. You will match distinct outfits and decorate your home to your liking.

Above all other things, Ooblets is keenly conscious of its own silliness, which seems just like a fantastic addition to a genre that's so frequently the epitome of sincerity. It is too early to know whether Ooblets will get you at a play-all-night sort of groove, but it is safe to say you are going to want to keep your eye on it.

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